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Introducing Sly the Fly, a fun and whimsical crochet creation that will bring a touch of playfulness to your home decor. This adorable little fly, named Sly, is handcrafted with care and features intricate details that make him an eye-catching conversation piece. Measuring just a few inches in size, Sly is the perfect addition to any crocheted collection or as a unique gift for a friend. Sly is known for zooming across the great blue sky and causing a bead mood when he lands in your food, but don't worry - you can easily swat him away with a quick flick of your wrist! Add a touch of humor and charm to your space with Sly the Fly crochet creation.

Fly (Sly)

SKU: OMM 137
  • Returns will be accepted and refunds issued for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase

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